It’s amazing how one can love another, how one can be attached to another, how one can be depressed over another. The relationships we make in this life transform us into the people we are today. Mines started 14 years ago, when my grandfather introduced me to my new companion. One that shaped me through all the years with thier love, support, and strength. His name was Ditto, my first ever dog, also my first big responsibility. Ditto recently passed… Although, these 14 years have been the best with him. I sometimes think he gave me a better life than I gave him. Even though Ditto was a dog, he’d understand me at time more than most. Through the good and bad days Ditto always knew how to make my day better. I’m amazed at how an animal can have such a huge impact on one’s life. It’s quite a special relationship to have between man and canine. They truly are man’s best friend. Deep down I envision my buddy is in a better place, in the hands of whatever higher power it be. If you have a pet or plan on getting one, know that they’re much like us. What we feel, they feel, what they feel, we feel. Give unconditional love to your pet and make sure to give them the absolute greatest life possible. They don’t outlast us, be there for them like they’re there for you.

This post is made in commemoration for my dog Ditto, to honor and thank him for our companionship.

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