Decision Makers

Everyday we ask ourselves the same question, what do I want to eat today? You may think this question thoroughly, to finally make a choice in figuring out what to eat. However, the process that led up to choosing whatever food ended up on your plate, was influenced by something. May sound silly, but it’s not everyday we feel like eating pizza, simply because there are more options to select from.

Now, the idea of choice is vital to decision making. The choices we have can alter the decisions we make. Beyond our intrapersonal decision making, lets examine our decision making on a larger; more complex scale. In the same efforts you put towards figuring out what to eat, what efforts do you put towards figuring out what’s best for society, in your opinion? Furthermore, how do you influence others, in the way you influence yourself?

Truthfully, many of us don’t put much effort towards giving society personal input. Reason being, is due to the fear of our own beliefs and knowledge being questioned by the mass of others. In turn, we suppress ourselves from sharing our thoughts and allow for few to mandate an outcome. This is an issue that we must all work on together, to ensure that society’s decision making process is validated by the minds of all, as everyone is vital stakeholder that represents a choice.

After all, don’t be afraid to think for others, if you let others think for you. Every voice needs to be heard and should be heard. Remember, together we are wiser than any one of us.

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