Blast Off!

Most of us get tied up reaching for the stars, when we don’t even have a rocket ship. Much like the goals and ambitions we often set for ourselves, they are typically out of reach. The vison maybe there, though we walk around blind, with no clue towards which direction to take. Referring back to the analogy, the stars we wish to reach, represent the goals we wish to achieve. On the other hand, the rocket ship we must build, represents the actions we make towards achieving our goals or reaching the stars. First you start from nothing, then you make it into something.

Through the process of building your rocket ship, you will encounter various failures that will try and hold you back from continuing. Though you must be persistent and keep on building, keep on repairing, and learn from your mistakes. The time will come when your rocket ship is built and tested, ready for launch. At this point you’ve completed a milestone, but have many more to go. In these moments, many of us get stuck and fear to take off. An idea of a potential crash happening, reflects a mindset preventing our greatest downfalls from ever reoccurring.

Although, you didn’t make it this far just to quit. Remember, every little error you’ve made in the past has also built up to be a shield, to which protects you from being affected by those you’ve made up. From this moment, the actions you make is what separates the weak from the strong. The only way you’ll ever know if you will the reach the stars, is by taking a leap of faith and blast off.

You’ll be surprised by the outcome you have. Never doubt what seems impossible, as the impossible only lies within those don’t take off. As for those who do, will reach there vision and blast off into the stars.

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