Think about what would’ve happened if your parents never met, and your grandparents never met, and your great grandparents never met. That’s a lot to think about right? Well oddly enough the chances that were brought up to your existence and what will exist in the future, are determined by a split-second.

Life is broken down by the smallest fragments of time, that correspond to the outcomes of one’s experiences. It’s amazing how one little moment could affect the rest of the following moments. Considering that we’re living by this split-second, we are constantly progressing. A direct linear motion that resembles a timeline of our lives. Even though we don’t always view life as living by the split-second, we shall be considerate of how we manage our time, to use as much of it as we can effectively. In reality, there’s no waste of time but a waste of potential. And it’s not say that one should regret the loss of time, for one should remind themselves to embrace for what’s left of it. Live life through each moment, each experience, and live without regrets for what potentially could have been done, as there’s no telling if it could have been done.

Now, just imagine if you wouldn’t have read this post because you were off by a split-second. I’ll bet your glad to have read this, so from here on out take advantage of each split-second and enjoy living in the moment, for the future is unknown and the past long gone.

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