From the creation of life to the creation of the iPhone, we are ever continuing the manifestation of our existence and furthering it beyond imagination. It’s crazy to think of the evolution that life has made, contributing to this very moment right now as you read this. Like pen to paper, our future relies on the ideas we manifest.

Thomas Edison created the light bulb, but before he created the idea. The essence of the light bulb was the leading the cause to the substance of its being. If Edison would’ve said “lets stick to using candles and oil lamps”, then we wouldn’t even have the light bulb. Same can be said with Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and creator of the iPhone. Without his idea of building the world’s first ever touch screen smart phone, we’d probably still be talking on those funky keypad flip phones, unless you were cool enough to own a sidekick or blackberry. The point is that his manifestation of creating the iPhone, led to the contribution of the advanced technology we use today.

Similar to Edison and Jobs, you too can manifest your very own vision into existence. Each of us are capable of manifesting our very own existence. We are all important beings that contribute to the timeline of reality, for that reason we shall seek to make a difference and manifest what we believe.

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