Problem Solved…

We live in a world of problem-solvers and problem-makers. 95% of us make the problems and 5% of us solve them. The proportions are imbalanced, but on the bright side we can say it’s what keeps us going. We depict a society where all its problems can be solved, yet that’s not a case to fight for.

We seek equality with a lack of understanding. And what’s perceived to be equal is never going to be achieved, unless we perceive equality as a fair distribution of equity within society.

We lack fairness, because we starve for greatness. Being in pursuit of greatness, while being in pursuit of fairness is vastly different. With no way to measure exactly what is fair, we turn our heads what is great.

Now what does it mean to be great? Well that’s a truth you hold yourself.

Maybe if we could each some how find the truth of being great, then we could possibly shift the proportions to make less problems and solve more. The world can’t be perfect. Sure it can be a better place, but why not make it a greater place.

Find the greatness within you…

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