An Unclear Path

We spend a whole life time searching for answers. Wander off from here and there, enjoy moment to moment, face hard times, and settle. This idea of a fulfilled life is one that has no picture. It’s unclear to say that one has fulfilled a life worth living, unless the person themselves feels they have. This concept is interesting, because we associate life with one end goal. Yet again, this idea remains unclear. It’s one that must be answered to its own creator. We tend to focus on achieving an ‘end goal’, but even when the goal has been reached, we open a new meaning to it. A new venture, that possibly creates more to accomplish. So if we reach our ‘end goal’, how could we have more in store for us to fulfill? This is the paradox we run into, because truly there is no ‘end goal’. In life, you can accomplish as many things as you’d like. There are no limitations, no interferences, that set you back from completing the many things you desire. If we look at this ‘end goal’ as an ‘endless goal’, then the idea of a fulling life is constant. Because there’s no end goal, we constantly seek, which is the action that can lead us towards fulfilling life. It’s the continuity of this eventful life that we should crave to experience, rather than an end that losses meaning. A valued life is one that is fulfilled, seek as much out of this life as possible. Don’t settle! And like Walt Disney said, “keep moving forward”.

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