The feeling of defeat is like taking a kick to the stomach. Accepting the kick is the hardest part about it. I remember being a kid, playing video games non-stop. Those levels that felt impossible for me to pass by, ate me alive. It was my greatest urge to beat the game, and this one level was holding me back. I felt like giving up every time I would try, but then I came around the use of a little friend I made called “Cheat Codes”. One of man kind’s genius creations, that yet gave me false security as a child. I’d use cheat codes for every game I played, so that I could “Win”. Although, I never really did win after all. Instead, I taught myself how to “lose”.

Today, we’ve built a “Short-cut” for everything. In hopes to avoid the possibilities of failure, creating fake integrity that blinds the truth. This idea of a “Short-cut”, has led society to adopting methods of pure laziness. In spite of getting things done faster, when it gets things done sloppier. There’s a reoccurring state of giving up, because something doesn’t come easy. Every time, we revert to finding the easiest ways to solve our problems. Even though easy never comes natural, unless one has experienced failure first.

Throughout our childhood, we’ve been trained that failure is bad. In school, the expectations are to get straight A’s and not fail. If a student fails, automatically they’re viewed as irresponsible and slower than the other students. The pressure that failure is unacceptable, has led students to lose belief in themselves, that they’re not capable enough. And through the years it transfers with them, like a parasite eating away the self-assurance. The kid that lost hope from failing too much, converts to what is labeled as a”cheater”, in hopes to exceed failure at the minimum. They rely on the work of others to be thier gateway to success. I was once labeled a cheater, but I’d never took notice of what I’d been doing, until I lost my dependency on others. All from the simple anxiety and pressure of needing to pass, a student has to jeopardize thier reputation. The school system is no longer of aid for many of these students, because it’s the driving force of discouragement within them.

You see, whether it be in school, work, entertainment, or any other aspect of life, society has programmed an easier route for those who fear failure. Like in my example, the ones who fall for society’s “short-cuts”, are those who fall into the continuous loop of constant regret and failure. The “short-cuts” are made to separate the strong from the weak. Sadly enough, because the offer of having things easier is tempting, many people choose this route. Although, this doesn’t determine a person’s future. As for the student who lacks belief in him or her, they can easily overcome those boundaries. Starting by realizing the loop they’ve been caught in.

The idea of failure, is that it leads to nothing or an end. Rather than teach that failure is unacceptable, we must teach that failure is acceptable. Success can only be achieved through failure, taking the alternative short-cut leads once again to failure.

Don’t let a short-cut determine the outcome of your life, unless if you plan to let your failures determine it.

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