Tragedy In a Shell Case

Inside the mind of a madman, one can find the last ounce of goodwill. What is left to be seen, is only what is left to be heard. Encased in the shell of a bullet, the only way the madman displays his thoughts are through his actions. The madman fires off hate, confusion, envy, anger, into his victims who’ve caused no harm to the madman. In result, the precious lives of the innocent are taken by the cause of the madman. For his last hope of being heard was answered. The unfortunate events taken place, lead on to affecting many souls. Not just for the ones involved, but for the ones who spectate and speculate a reason behind the reason.

In today’s society, we face a norm of mass shootings. Whether we argue its the gun or not, the issue every time is the madman. Many debate the action needed to safely ensure that these mass shootings never occur again. Although, nothing seems to change, because the madman hasn’t. The cause is not the gun, the cause is the madman, for the gun in return is the effect. We focus to much on the effect, rather than the cause. Should guns be permitted or not, is a step far ahead we couldn’t answer, unless we know the cause.

Our goal as a society should be to understand the madman, as he is left with the last ounce of goodwill, that can prevent the effect we try so hard to solve.

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