Time Bomb

You ever wondered what’s taking so long?? Whether it be the food you ordered while sitting at a restaurant, or the package that hasn’t arrived yet, but was supposed to have arrived. Our patience triggers when a desire or need, rushes through our minds like being stuck in quick sand. A certain urge that must be fulfilled in order to feel gratified and accomplished. Many find this to be common, although when it comes down to making greater measures for our own sake, we procrastinate and indulge our time into nothing. Tendencies, habits, obsessions, all reflect who we are. We aren’t perfect, so certain behaviors we use are accepted to be normal. In the case of the behaviors that lead to negative consequences, it becomes more demanding to acknoledge these issues and put a change to them. It’s more of a fear to lose a behavior that has transformed into a comfort, like a smoker to a cigarette. It’s unfortunate that we don’t care to change the truth, but can let it hurt us continuously. Like a time bomb, the damage builds up. It may not be an easy fix, but the quicker we face the truth, the greater chance we have at deactivating our time bomb.


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