Looking at a reflection of a person that seems familiar, the only thing that separates them is a mirror. A silence that can’t be broken, as they continue to stare at each other. Examining what seems to be a past and a present. In the background, a mist grows from the running hot water of a shower. The silence remains… Until the mist arises into a fog that slowly glazes over the mirror. From one end, the mirror begins to haze. The two people still lay eyes on what seems to be a mysterious but heartwarming goodbye. Halfway covered, and the feeling of a final moment awaits. The two-part ways with no words but only the haze that breaks the silence. Blurred from the steam of the running hot water, the mirror is no longer a bridge from the past to the present. A connection now lost and blind. Then the shower turns off. And suddenly, the faded image unfolds again, as the steam from the running hot water dies off. A new hope, for a reconnection of the two people. Instead what occurs is a rebirth, leading to a bridge of the present and the future. This bond is unlike no other, as the two intertwine in a feeling of optimism and opportunity. A great awakening that leads to many other moments like these, never losing sight again for what the two people see.

       We often reflect on our past to remember happy moments or resentful moments. Wishing we could go back to either change it or get more time to enjoy it. Although, we lose our sight for what is up next. For what the future awaits. If we where to focus more on spending time with where we are now and how we wish to live out for the rest of our lives, then we can create more moments to reflect on. Sometimes it’s a matter of disconnecting from the past, in order to make the greater connection into the future. Constantly dwelling on a past that can no longer be changed, is not worth your precious time. Seek for a change in the future, which can only start by the actions you make now!




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