When you close your eyes what do you see? The simplistic answer would be nothing or darkness. Beyond the obviousness of visually seeing nothing, lies a power much greater that enhances the quality of thinking. It is the essence of imagination where one can unlock the ability to the vision of the mind.

Imagination is a power that lacks acknowledgement from the human perspective, because we don’t see these abilities as a real form of power. Although, our powers are more underestimated then what they should be. The power of imagination draws the potential of creation into existence. Without the thought of something, there’d be no purpose or potential. We humans have the potential to create existing thoughts from our imaginations. What maybe thought to be impossible can be possible and what is thought to be possible could be impossible. Regarding that statement, if the mind can acquire an idea it can and cannot work. In this sense, it can’t work due to it not being valid in the sequence of scenarios it’s first thought out to be, but it can be found through multiple linking ideas that lead from the first one, similar to a ripple in water or vibration in the ground.

Through trial and error life can transform into what you can make of it. It starts with the power of imagining and the need for potential within it. Find what you imagine to be your best life and seek to make it happen.

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