In a world of natural free will, we are limited to our full uses of this “free will”. Based on the subjective ideals placed to control them, overtime we’ve come to see societies’ concern grow on the sensitivity of pride being displayed among many. Scavenging away to find equality for all, yet it strips the beliefs of others with intention of no harm. Regarding the fact that everyone is entitled to using freewill, but contradicting it through not allowing for those to express it. We have suppressed the practical principles of nature, to combat the inequalities that never seem to become equal. So in turn, we continuously sensitizes each other, in ways that can’t be achieved by lack of agreement, but rather enforcement.

We each carry our own pride, but shouldn’t have to face the concern of others damaging it. Our goal as humans should be to allow for everyone to use their right of free will. If one can’t comply to the standards of others, then they shouldn’t be forced to accept change, although they should live with it and not purposely affect those. The living essence of pride is the self-assurance of belief, not including anyone else but YOU. Ultimately, not everyone is willing to comply by standards of one’s self-belief, but allow for them to express it on the notion of freewill.

Together we must work to help understand each other, without facing prejudgement. The case shouldn’t be to achieve complete agreement, but to achieve a sense of respect for ones’ ideals and personal beliefs that shouldn’t be conflicted.

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