Shine like the glare off the ocean’s crisp, overlapping waves.

Shine like the heat of a blistering summer, melting the famous route 66.

Shine like that aurora lights, lighting up the bright night sky.

Shine like the beautiful person you are, neglecting it for the shaming of others…

Beauty has no shape, size, height, color, look. It’s diverse in many different aspects, specifically accustomed to the way you were designed. Each of us carry our own definition of beauty and in the eyes of others, some will be pleased and some will lack attraction. What truly matters is being comfortable in your own skin, willing to surpass the image of beauty defined by people and the media. Being beautiful isn’t entirely justified by appearance, but most importantly self value, in the way you portray yourself to others through a personality.

Be passionate and happy, for what amazing opportunity you get to even be human. Beauty is a gift given to us all, not to modify it, but to embrace it. Love yourself and let your beauty speak for itself.


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