The Power of Listening

In today’s society, we have instant connection to an online world, where we can post what we have on our minds. A world that has no boundaries or limits to what you can say, but ultimately if misunderstood pay the price. Politics have taken mass control over what the media portrays, creating groups and movements that each have their own motives. This world has never been more connected than it is now. Yet, there is a deficiency to all of this. Reason being, is simply due to ignorance. Although, we may be connected more than ever, we lack in the way we communicate. People are often willing to voice their opinions or views, rather than listen to the remarks of others.

As humans, we have the power of perspective and each of ours is important to know and share. Together as a society, we must contribute to listening more often to gain intellect. It’s okay to disagree with someone, but to just deny peoples message is uneducated. Practice the idea of “Agree to disagree” and understand that this will allow you to scale your options on certain topics, possibly changing a view on something important that you may have consider not to be previously.

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