The mind plays games when its only desire is that one thing….

We lose all focus and everything around us seems to cave in. A little voice in our heads constantly yelling COME ON MAN DO IT!!! The urge becomes so bad that we start to shut down and give in.

After we’ve given in, we become clueless. The world around us remains normal, but something feels odd. Knowing that the damage has been done and there’s no going back.

Addictions are one of man’s greatest enemies. Fighting to control an unhealthy habit that leads to worse measures can be difficult. Psychologically unstable because of this crave taking over our bodies.

Truth is, accepting the damage that has been done from this addiction is the only way to start. From there, create a plan or find a new habit to slowly replace it. A routine of some sort that can block off the reminders of this addiction. There will be times that we may have to face the crave head-on, by doing so we must think positively and persuade ourselves into seeing a brighter future. It will be tough, but such as life. And if we can take the extra step of letting go, then a drastic change in lifestyle will be made.

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