A Healthy Mind

On nights of zero sleep, I’m in complete eagerness to get some rest, but for some odd reason I can’t. And it’s not because I have insomnia. Typically I regularly can sleep without a problem. Although, these constant ideas and words rushing through my head aren’t stopping. It’s like a baby crying, until you give it attention.

Moments where this happens, I revert to my pen and paper where I spill out what is on my mind. Writing down my ideas, to capture them and have it stored for later.

Out of curiosity, why is it that this happens? Could it be a calling to something important we may find out later on down the road, or simply are minds needing to sooth itself by voicing out these ideas?

I believe in times like this, our minds are trying to tell us something important. It maybe an idea that will help you blossom you career, a method of preparation for a future event, or even a greater understanding to a problem not yet solved. It’s different in certain cases, but we should practice saving these ideas and thoughts when it occurs.

By allowing our minds to flow freely when there is constant information roaming through the mind, it creates a healthier balance in our mental strength and leads us to a greater understanding of our life map. You never know, someday an idea may pop-up in your head that could be life changing, so it’s better to write it down somewhere you wont forget.


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