A Road to Glory

Perfection… A word we use in attempts to imagine how our world should be. People seek for peace, love, and prosperity. But the truth is we never seem to attribute to those ideas. Our preferences are dialed in by what remains at hand, meaning what we are given and what we can make of it. This world is full of selfishness, as we look forward to creating a better quality of life for ourselves rather than equality for others. Sure enough there can be equality within a built society, although there will never be complete equalness in life itself. Due to the fact that as human beings, we couldn’t fathom to be the same as everyone else. Communism is a great example of creating this idea of a perfect society, that turned out into disaster. An idea of a utopian society, where everyone must follow along, obey,  and play their role. After all, that isn’t so much equal. Because where there’s a follower, there will always be a leader. The whole point of life is to have different experiences and different outcomes, bad and good. Other wise perfection would exist.

Aside from that, why we chase this perfection, is really a trained idea. From one man to another, perfection only exist in the eyes of a leader that wishes power. We can never value what we have because it’s not enough. It’s apart of the reason why we haven’t attributed to bringing peace, love, and prosperity as a practice of living. For just once, realize that life is much more than a constant chase of perfection, instead a constant road to glory for what life offers. Find value in life’s imperfections and be grateful to even live to see another day… Because you only live once.

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