The Art of Peer Pressure

Do it! Do it! They all scream. You can imagine where this ends. Facing the ultimate test to show if your either a wimp or a hero. It’s a time in our lives we all face, coming from our closest ones to even strangers. Why is it that we fall under such hypnosis? Because it really is hypnotizing, but why?

The art of peer pressure can be a dangerous tool, it numbs us from our thought process and can cause different turnouts for everyone depending on our personality types. But think about a time you’ve faced it, and now realize what was going wrong.

#1 What was your reaction?

#2 What were your actions?

#3 What was the outcome?

Once you’ve come to a conclusion, the one thing we can all find in common was “Dominance”.

You see we fall under peer pressure due to the need for being dominant. A trait that has been carried by our earliest ancestors throughout history. Times of war, starvation, disease, social class, have all built up this idea to show who is more dominant and can be the best. Otherwise known as “survival of the fittest”, now correlating to today’s standards, as we all try our best to be the best, regardless of what we think.

Although, our “Dominance” we use isn’t so dominant after all when we fall under these moments of pressure. Rather we seem to be submissive in response. But if we can replace our submissive thinking with the correct type of dominant thinking seen in leadership, then we can fall out of this peer pressure.

I say this because it’s something we face everyday, from our image, to our beliefs, to even what we are subjected to saying. Our goal shouldn’t be to fall under this cloud of pressure from society, but to escape those norms and standup for what we believe in, regardless of our different backgrounds. We shouldn’t be entitled to feeling suppressed. Each of us are leaders inside and we must learn to find that. Otherwise, we will get stuck in the art of peer pressure and become a follower of nothing.

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