A Fear… Less voice

Fear… the one aspect of life we all hate. During the darkest moments of life, our minds wander off into an imaginative state where negative thoughts can make us feel insane. Revolved by dramatic media portrayed globally, we are fed into a more drastic world that creates fear. It’s not what people do, but how people react that make us scared to face.

Scattered by the trillions, we are entitled to keep our mouths shut from harming someone else’s beliefs. But take away that mentality and overcome the thoughts of others for a just second. Imagine being suppressed your whole life because you feared what others would’ve thought about you or how they’d judge you, then you’d never have the courage to show a voice that is given to you at birth.

Since the beginning of time, there has never been a limit placed on using your voice.  The only people entitled to limiting our voices is ourselves. It’s an illusion we have, outside of our reality. This fear of speech creates lots of confusion, that ultimately leads to failure of communication. Without the use of opining on certain topics from different perspectives, we will never understand what issues are needed to be targeted. This is an important process of working together as communities, we should never judge what someone has to say because of their background or past. Our goal as a society, should be to promote others to feel comfortable with sharing their opinions or ideas, not to bash them for supporting a cause that you may not agree on completely.

Your voice does matters, especially in a world that has tremendously changed, so don’t be afraid to use it. History has shown the importance of freedom of speech, a given right as a living human. If it weren’t for the brave women who stood up for women’s rights, then women wouldn’t have the same rights they are granted to today! Other movements like the civil right movement, shows the fearless abilities to gain control of social issues and tackle them, which gladly we were able to resolve and has created much more unity within our society.

Remember there is always 2 sides to every story, you can either neglect the other sides information or understand the other side and meet ends. Rather than to think about how others will react, think about how accomplished you will feel to have voiced your opinion. Because your life isn’t controlled by others, but only to be controlled by you.


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