Are you Follower or Leader?

Paint a bigger picture and look out to see. Is it money, fame, or power we need. In a pursuit of happiness, but achieved through material. A constant chase of gratification through following a trend. Insecurity blown through the roof tops, from being laughed at for looking and acting a different way. If you don’t follow the trend, your automatically lame. Because your not cool enough if you don’t wear the latest Prada. Even though most of us cant afford it with out the help from our mamas. Its all fun games till you realize its worthless, only lasting for so long and then your money’s worth is all gone. Its like a magic trick, spending all your time on stuff, when it ain’t shit. Rather flip it and switch it into making something of your own, spend sometime on yourself instead of partying alone.  Because nobody cares about what you have to say, until they realize you have greater values than them. Then they envy you, hitting you with negative things to say, but you just keep moving on knowing their not worth the time. We have people starving and homeless, people dying from war, people being kidnapped and rapped for no reason at all. And yet YOU! Have the audacity to focus on nothing but you, and what your wearing cause its what gives you the attention you’ve been waiting for. Until one day that crowd evolves and your left with noting at all….

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