What do you live for?

Whether you know it or not, think to yourself “What is the one thing I could do for the rest of my life” ? Most would respond with a simple answer such as a dream job or career that would pay them enough to be set off for retirement. But for the ones who choose a different answer and have their own visions, are the people who will scale out the future. The ones who will one day become the great innovators, entrepreneurs, surgeons, doctors, politicians, educators, etc. They preserve the important leadership roles we need in this world today. As for those who chose a more common answer, they make it easy on themselves. And by “easy” I mean normal.

It’s safe to say that we do need people to work in lower income jobs or regular corporate positions. Not everyone pursues such big goals or has huge ambitions, which is fine and without these people are regular daily tasks would be out of wack. Although, to think different from the norm and think outside of the box, will create extraordinary measures for yourself and others. Life is too short for you to limit your goals, find the passion that drives you the most to make a difference in this world. You don’t have to make a living out of it, even though I would insist you’d try. But to at least be able to create something of your own or make a change by inspiring others to do the same. Go for it! The only person stopping you is YOU!

Regardless of the path you choose to take, there will always be challenges and risk involved. Embrace each moment and prepare, because its your destiny that will be written.

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