Where does life lead us?

Beyond the stars, galaxy, and universe. I think deep into my reality where other humans do the same. Controlled by seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, all contributing to time; one day leading to the ending of your existence.

To live is to be present, in a world full of constant creation and destruction, the cycle of life we all experience. But to imagine the moment in your life where you could experience much more than life itself, would be astonishing. That being if there’s more than what meets the eye.

As humans we have generated so many ideas that have helped us evolve to the vast beliefs we have today. Why is it that we bash on others for believing in something different, when the answers are still unknown? Life isn’t meant to be once, clearly life is everlasting in the form of energy, the one thing that controls all. Where does this energy come from? Well the answer remains unknown. Although, we can visualize this massive creation of energy flowing through us daily. For that same reason, imagine if you were constantly emitting negative thoughts, those negative thoughts will reoccur into negative outcomes. Likewise if you did the opposite thinking positively, it would result into positive outcomes. We feed our universe constantly, with this energy that allows it to continue the cycle.

In correlation, life gives you the opportunity to control it into whatever it is you want. It is the reason for the term “purpose”, that is brought into our lives. It helps us define our role as humans, in order to contribute to life itself and continue the flow of our life cycle. Only you can truly determine your destiny. And out of the infinite possibilities you can pursue, there will always be one that you end up following. Depending on how you emit that energy, will determine how likely you end up. Everyone does fulfill a “purpose” in life, but if you find a purpose and choose to chase it, you will need to portray the energy that your “purpose” requires.

This is your life story, so start by figure out what that truly means for you. Anything is possible, as long as you can live up to it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t work.


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