Past, Present, and Future

Look deeply into your past and think about every single person that let you down or put you down. We hate to face these situations because of the negativity coming from them, but ultimately realize that those mere memories were meant to happen. Now go back quickly into the present and see where you are now with your goals, living, happiness, wealth, and family. Whatever you find the most value in. Think back again into the past, but this time to all of the hard work, dedication, and persistence you put to accomplish what you obtain today. Now realize that those moments of positive output where most inspired and driven by the negativity people tried to enforce on you. Negativity can be turned into positivity with an adequate mindset. You must train yourself to overcome all obstacles.

Everyday of our lives is a gift, we are given 86,400 new seconds to accomplish or work on our craft each day.  It all starts with the first breath and from there we must be grateful to have another day. The journey continues and will not stop until that moment of time runs out. Only you can determine your life, and none other.

Now imagine a day ahead into the future and prepare yourself for all. We must train ourselves to be ahead of the game, continue to make goals, find new passions, make friends or possibly love if currently none, and stay focused on the outcome. As you progress, you will fulfill more and grow your life journey beyond expected.

Enjoy it while it last… because you only live once.

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